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Trentmann Germany Mold & Plastic Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned German company invested and built by its German parent company Trentmann GmbH with many years of industry experience. It is located in Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen. Because the company has a stable raw material import channel, and the engineering design and quality control are all responsible for the strict German senior technical experts, it has won a good reputation in the international and domestic markets for "cheap and high quality". In addition, the company has hired a large number of highly-educated, highly-qualified and highly-skilled industry elites in all aspects of R&D, management and manufacturing to provide strong intellectual support for its efficient operation.
    At present, in order to adapt to the rapidly increasing business demand and provide more concise, professional and effective services, the company has invested heavily to update and upgrade the enterprise information management system, and injected a large amount of funds to purchase multiple CNC, EDM, W/C and other hardware devices have greatly improved production and competitiveness.
    After years of accumulation and development, Sino-Germany has entered the stage of diversified manufacturing and production, which is mainly reflected in the following three areas:
■ Design, production and transformation of plastic injection molds
And audit;
■ Use various plastic materials synthesized by high-tech to inject delicate plastic products
Products and deep processing of plastic products such as oil injection and silk screen printing;
■ Development, manufacturing, assembly of communication products and mechanical and electrical engineering equipment.

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